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Church History

A Welcoming Church

On Wednesday evening October 14th 1964 at the Baptist training center then located at 13th and German street in Erie, Pa.  Eighty-two  Christians met to organize a church. The privilege of name and the church was given to Mrs. Mary Mayflower, which she named Morning Star Baptist Church.  The dwelling from the Greek Catholic Congregation, the church building we now worship in was dedicated in the spring of 1967.

The late Deacon Samuel Hayes and the late Reverend Kennie Arrington presided over the official business meeting with Reverend Arrington being the moderator. The late Reverend A.B Adam's was unanimously voted by the membership to become Morning Star Baptist Church first Pastor.  The late Reverend A.B Adam's served as pastor from the inception of  Morning Star Baptist Church until December 13, 1969.

On April 25, 1970, Reverend Amos Goodwine Sr. was installed as Morning Star Baptist Church second Pastor.  Throughout his tenure,  Reverend Goodwine ordained 14 Deacons and 10 members were called into ministry.  The Morning Star Baptist Church continued affiliations with the National Baptist Congress and the National Baptist Convention still enable members to be involved in many aspects of Christian education abs training.  After serving 40 years as Pastor, Reverend Goodwine retired.  Reverend Timothy Ward, was elected by the membership to become Morning Star Baptist Church third Pastor.  Reverend Ward led the church with spiritually uplifting sermons for over a year.  Late 2011, Reverend Goodwine returned as interim Pastor.

On July 14, 2013, Reverend Duane F. Hunter was installed as the fourth Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church.  Pastor Hunter's vision for the church is to bring together people of all ages and stages of life.  Under Pastor Hunter's leadership Morning Star Baptist Church has grown spiritually through meaningful worship and increased love and fellowship.

The Morning Star Baptist Church continue to participate in the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education. Those attending the Congress report back and give brief presentations on what their Christian experience and ways we can move the church forward.

Under Pastor Hunter's leadership, the church has grown spiritually, numerically and financially and numerous church officials have been installed including four Deacons and three Trustees. On October 8, 2017 during our 11:00 worship service Deacon Larry Barcus delivered his trial sermon and received his ordination license to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To this date, under Pastor Hunter's leadership Sunday morning worship services can be viewed Facebook Live Stream and YouTube. The Morning Star Baptist Church website at was created to make remote attendance possible when in person attendance is not.  Pastor Hunter continues to find ways to make church services more accessible in times of crisis, keep up to date on technology for future improvements for the ongoing growth of the church and membership.

We pray that Morning Star Baptist Church continues to experience Spiritual growth and an increase in membership. 

To God be the Glory

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