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Church School
Our Mission, Our Values

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Our Mission

The mission of the Morning Star Baptist Church Education Department is to build a loving, judgment free, safe and devoted environment that encourages personal development and spiritual growth. To reach the unchurched of our city by coming together as a community through outreach to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We strive to teach, educate and help people become knowledgeable of Jesus Christ, His divinity, to communicate His Word and to discover their purpose.

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Our Values







Spiritual Growth



God's Word


School Supply

Church School Time

9:20 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Scripture Reading



Closing Prayer


Six Classes/Classroom Areas

Children, Primary and Youth Department (Downstairs) 
Young Adults (Library)
Adult (Men) Upstairs
Adult (Women) Sanctuary


Church School Structure

All students will go to their perspective classes upon entering the church.

Monthly report (1st Sunday).

Education Department Superintendent will collect attendance and offering.

Teachers: If you are teaching it is expected that you stay and attend church service.

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Church School: What's Happening
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New Membership Class

The new membership class is open to new members and current members. The curriculum content, and teaching will be modified based on the age of the participants.  We also recognize developmental and intellectual differences.  We will do our best to adapt the teaching of the curriculum based on what students are able to do cognitively, physically and emotionally.

Three Classes

5-11 years

12-17 years

18 years and Up 

If you have been lead to teach please contact us.

Church School: New Members
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